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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stop, Breathe and Refill to Enjoy the Gifted Moments

On a recent travel excursion I found that I was continually reminding myself to slow down, breathe, and be present to take in the gifted moments of everything and everyone around me.  

As I started to put the slow down, stop and breathe mantra more into practice, I found that my senses had awakened more to a greater awareness to everything around me.  

I began to discover things I had not previously seen before, or taken the time to experience, such as the colors of the sky the reflection of light the details of a flower the peace of an evening sunset. 

As I returned home from my travels, I realized how easy it was to fall into some of the old habits of the technology rush and distractions.  As I began to get swept away into these old habits it dawned on me that I again needed to remind myself to slow down, breathe and be present.   For every day is a gifted moment-- and I encourage all of us to take time to enjoy life's experiences.