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Sunday, August 30, 2015

End of Summer Joy -

As we are coming to the close of the summer season, and though I am anxiously looking forward to the rich colors and cooler days of the autumn season, I am so very  thankful for the bright pastel palette of the summer garden, the bountiful fruits and magical sunsets.  Thank you summer for your joyous treasures....

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Look Up and See the Gifted Treasures You Discover

This past week I was reminded of the great gifts we discover when we take a moment to stop, drain, breathe and look up and see the many gifted treasures that surrounds us.

I find today, we spend so much time with our heads down just trying to get through the day.  We often miss out on the simple essence of life that surrounds us from a peaceful evening sunset, to the wind dancing through the trees...

... or watching the simple fluttering of butterflies jumping from one flower to the next as they freely move through the air.  It takes  just a moment to look up and breathe to enjoy the gifted simple pleasures of life.

I encourage us all to stop for a moment, breathe and look up to see what gifted treasures we my discover today.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reflective Moments in a Summer Garden...

It’s a peaceful Saturday summer morning. I enjoying sitting under the shade of our trees to watch the early morning sun start to paint across the garden to awaken  the plants, birds and nature beings from a somber evening's rest to begin another day of work before the evening dust.

Ahh....What a gifted moment to remind one's self to take time to breathe and reflect upon the treasures of nature that surround us...I find these moments as scared times to refill and refresh one's soul and spirit to journey onto another day...