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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thanksgiving: An Invitation to Share A Selfless Act of Kindness

I challenge us all to take time to share a selfless act of kindness with others. Recently, a conversation with a good family friend of mine, David,  who is the chef and owner of an acclaimed sustainable family style Italian restaurant in our greater community, shared with me that he was opening the doors of his restaurant again this year to help feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. This act continues a family tradition that he and his mother started when he was a young man.
This year, he will be feeding the homeless community in the front of the restaurant and has gathered a group of volunteers to help prepare boxes of food for 15,000 families in Guatemala. How thankful and blessed he was to have the opportunity to help others, not only in his own community, but those in need from afar.
As we continued talking, I asked, "What about publicity?" "No, no," he said. "This is not why I have expanded our family Thanksgiving tradition. I really don't want any publicity. I really am doing this to help others."
When our conversation ended, I hung up the phone and quietly thought for a moment. How wonderful it was to hear how this act of heartfelt selfishness would touch the lives of others.  My friend was doing it, opening the doors of his restaurant to family, friends and those in need to celebrate the true essence of the Thanksgiving Season -- with no expectation in return.
His story is an inspiration and a reminder to me that there is always something we can do to be selfless this holiday season.
In the months ahead, I challenge us all to slow down and embrace the act of selflessness.
With heartfelt thoughts to all,