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Friday, July 1, 2016

Take a Moment to Stop and Smell the Roses...

As I was rushing to fit in my morning exercise walk in between calls and meetings, as I was racing through my to-do list in my head, I stopped for a moment to realize that I was half way through my exercise routine and did not even notice the beautiful summer morning and many treasures of nature surrounding me.   I found out how easy it is to be racing through life and, once again, miss the simple joys of life.

As I slowed down a little more to look at the beautiful plants and trees and take in the gentle warmth of the morning sun, I started to understand more and more the old cliché, "stop and smell the roses."

Yes, I did "stop to smell the roses."  And what a refreshing difference it made for me.  After a few minutes of being in the present and taking in the gracious beauty of my surroundings,  I continued on my way with my morning exercise routine. I turned off my to-do list, my head became more clear with new thoughts and ideas. I began to breathe more freely and found that I was more energized, refreshed and refilled.  

Little did I know that those few moments I took to slow down my daily routine would have such an amazing impact.  I encourage all to slow down for a moment to "stop and smell the roses" and see what you can discover. 

Celebrating Summer Fun with Friends

A great way to celebrate summer fun with friends is to have a picnic-style garden party to inspire creative hearts. 

 During the summer months I like to get friends together to to enjoy an afternoon  of inspired creativity in the garden to paint, draw and write with delightful foods and wonderful conversations filled with much laughter and joy. 

At the end of the afternoon, we all walk away refresh and refilled with the glories of creativity 
and fellowship.