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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Giving Thanks will Create a Joyous Life

A friend and I were sharing in a conversation today about life in general, decisions that need to be made, changes taking place, careers choices, ways to create a work life balance, etc. etc. --and how everything in our lives is so impacted by the technological rush and distractions.  

As we continued our conversation exploring various topics  on our minds and hearts , I began to realize more and more how life really doesn't  need to be so complicated. 

I mean the things that may influence us such as family, friends, work, community and oh yes, the non-stop technology noise, can be complicated and sometimes challenging.  Yet I believe more and more especially in today's global society with so much going on in world, how easy it is for one to be distracted from the simple gifts of life. 

I also believe that these simple gifts of life can be discovered through one's heart, if we take time to give thanks every day, and sometimes every moment for the many things we have and often take for granted.

For instance, if you a take moment, get out a sheet paper and pen and jot some of things that you are thankful for, such as family, friends, community, work, the air we breathe, the water we drink the nourishment from the food we eat, the beauty of nature, I can go on and on as there is so much richness in our lives if take the time to see what we have, as oppose to what we don't have.

As you go through the exercise of giving thanks, on a daily bases, I do know as one chooses to open their heart to be more thankful for all things, you will create a joyous life.