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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Thanksgiving and the Art of Conversation

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the rich harvest bestowed upon a family, the blessing of an abundance of food in preparation for the cold months of winter.

Today's Thanksgiving gatherings are still about an abundance of food and getting together with family and friends, with a few modern traditions such as playing touch football, watching the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by watching a college or pro-football game, if you are at my household! Everyone works up quite an appetite and awaits patiently for the call to eat…

As I prepare for our Thanksgiving gathering, I am reminded that the times we spend at the table are as much about sharing in the delight of good food, as sharing in the delight of good company and the rich cross-generational discussions to be had among relatives and friends.

The meal often lasts much longer than the food on our plates, as we spend time talking and listening to one another, sharing our thoughts and opinions on various topics. And although we would not agree on some subjects, we would continue in the tradition of respectfully agreeing to disagree. One of the greatest gifts I enjoy from this time of year is the cross-generational sharing of wisdom and knowledge.

This year, relish the different viewpoints more than ever. Slow down, engage in a conversation and learn something new.

And, always, always give thanks for the bounty set before you every day.