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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Gift of the Garden…Refreshing One’s Spirit and Soul…

As I prepared myself this morning to refresh the garden, during the busy spring growing season, I started with my regular routine of creating an extra full “to-do” list , filled with great expectations of cleaning the beds, pruning the roses, trimming the bushes, feeding the plants and the list goes on. 

After creating my list, I put on my garden clothes with my hat and gloves proper shoes and off I marched to conquer my “to-do” list.

As soon as I stepped outside the cool morning breeze washed over me with a warm welcome giving me a sense of newness.   The orchestration of the birds singing merrily with the movement of the wind brought such a peace to my soul that abruptly brought my “to-do” list to a complete halt.  I began to pause and take in the gifted garden moments. I started to watch the morning dew on the roses tearful drop to the ground 
while discovering a nest of eggs and feeling the warmth of the soft velvet layer of sunshine.

I found myself not marching but lightly walking through the garden and began to open my eyes more to discover the variety of new blossoms in  vibrant shades of red, purple, pink and yellow painted on the bright green leaves of the plants and trees. I felt my spirit lifted and I found myself raising
 my arms to spread my wings as if I were dancing with the butterflies 
as they gently floated to the sound of the musical chimes.

Several hours later, as my garden adventure was coming to a close, as I began to prepare to go inside, I felt a sore and started to shake off the  dirt, dust and leaves from my clothes yet took comfort in the sweet scents of jasmine and citrus blossoms washed over me.

As the evening shadows began to create a restful blanket over the garden my soul was refreshed and fill with a peace from the beauty of nature’s treasured gifts.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

What is Life?

Life is the beginning, middle and end.
Life is what weaves the soul and spirit together.

Life is an unexpected proposal on the beach,a captured photo of a mother and daughter.

Dolphins dancing in the ocean, while the waves 
crash along the shoreline,creating a playground for children of all ages.

Life is connecting with gifted souls
from around the world who have joyous experiences, spreading the word of life (of God) in small villages,in the mountains of South America,in isolated towns,in bitter cold regions,
to the deaf ears of children in the Middle East.

This is life that 
weaves us all together,as the children in His Kingdom. 

His Glorious Grace is Life.