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Monday, February 11, 2019

A Valentine Wish

Valentine's Day often conjures couples and cupids, romance and roses -- and rightly so! 
Do stop to tell your "one and only" just how much they mean to you. Also remember that love is joy and that giving is as great as receiving! Surprise a friend and stop by! Remind your friends and family members just how much you love having them in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day to All! 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Do you still dream?

A couple of my dearest friends presented me with some books to enjoy during the holiday break.  Like many at this time of year, it took me some time before I was able to sit down and be present with the books— a pause in life that I deeply cherish.

As I began reading the first book, while enjoy my morning cup of tea, I could hear the voice of the author as if she were talking to me, as if she knew just how much I needed to hear these words.

The first chapter spoke to me boldly about discovering your dreams, offering ways to welcome your dreams into your thoughts and allowing them to become alive.  I immediately thought of a book I penned years ago entitled Remembering Who You are Rediscovering Your Heart

Many of you have heard me share my mantra to “follow you heart and live your dreams.” When I say these words out loud to myself, I find my thoughts wondering through the many wonderful dreams and gifts I have experienced throughout my life. 

Our life journey is so very unpredictable and often a great adventure if we allow it to be. Why put our dreams on the sidelines?

I prepared my second cup of tea.  The author continued with a challenge for the reader: “Pen your dreams (big or small). Look at them; read them; believe in them.” 

I reached for my favorite journal and pen. My list became pages, I started to feel a relief and a sense of freedom.  Releasing my thoughts and dreams on paper was taking the first step to make them come true. I found myself sketching ways to pursue my dreams. There were doors opening and I became lost in creative moments, time giving way to my imagination. I was stretching my creative heart. It felt good to believe in a pathway of joyous experiences and to not allow the day-to-day distractions of life sidetrack these dreams.

I encourage you (as the author encouraged me) to give yourself permission to write down your dreams. Keep them close by and revisit them often. Add to your list. Do not be afraid to write down the big dreams next to the little dreams. Take the first gets easier and easier with each step you take.  

It’s time to truly rediscover your heart and live your dreams. Dreams are our gifts from the Heavenly One to encourage us to live in joy throughout our life’s journey.