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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Season of Patience

After a long unseasonably hot summer challenged with a few years of a historic drought, I was reminded this past week, after our first real and wonderful full day of rain, that like my garden, I am living in a season to learn patience through a greater trust in my faith.

I found myself, after a hectic start this morning, that I needed to find that space of patience. I realized that I needed  to breathe and let go of the many uncertainties.

With many different thoughts dancing through my head, I found my feet leading me outside into our garden. I sat down on a bench  and  began to take in the fresh air from the first blush of an autumn morning.  As I quietly sat, I began to look around to take in the captured beauty of the garden, I found my thoughts becoming more clear and my heart beginning to find a peace. 

As this peaceful feeling wash over me I began to realize that I needed to have a greater trust in my faith.   And like a garden patiently waiting for rain, I too must be patient and realize that not everything is in my timing. I must be willing to be patient in my faith to allow the Will of His Grace to be revealed to me in  His Timing.  I must choose to freely trust in knowing  this is a just a season.  And for me this a season to embrace  patience and to  continue to grow my faith more through my heart. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Glimpse of Autumn

Today I was awaken by the first glimpse of an autumn morning with a coolness in the air gently resting over our garden.  As I took my early morning walked through the garden, sipping on my coffee, I noticed how peaceful and calm it felt today.   I stopped in my path and stood still and began to survey the garden and realize there was not one movement of bird flutter, a peddle falling to the grow, a rose dancing with the sounds of the wind.   It was as though the garden was taking a breathe to be still,  welcoming the relief of cool air washing away the long hot summer heat.  

I know we have more warm summer days ahead, however like the garden, I am very thankful to have the peaceful break to refresh and refill one's soul to prepare for days ahead. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aging-Living a Joyous Life

I have lately been thinking about aging. What it means and how it impacts our lives. If you really think about aging you realize that it is a natural progression in one’s life that one really cannot avoid.  I am not saying we should all go around feeling sorry for ourselves because we are aging moment by moment in our  human habitat. I actually am trying to encourage us to embrace aging in a beautiful way.  I do believe we should live good healthy lives, exercise, eat well and embrace a positive outlook on life.  These are some of the basic life principles that were passed onto me from some of dear friends who were in their twilight years.  I was so blessed to have these wise women as mentors and friends throughout my life.  We would spend countless hours sharing in conversations about life, history and scared experiences that you would never see on tv or the internet or read about in a newspaper or book today.

They taught me so much about preparing for “aging” or maybe better said about life, and how to live a life filled with joy through all things as oppose to letting life take over one’s destiny.

I recently found myself revisiting the aging topic as I was combing through the newspaper and watching the morning news, I started to notice how a majority of featured articles and  advertisements were about age defiance. They featured miracle potions, drinks and creams that would take years off of your life within minutes.   Amazing, I thought, nothing has changed throughout time, as we are still searching for the fountain of youth to solve the challenges of our daily lives. I began to hear the voices of my mentors from some of our wonderful conversations and realized that many of our discussions concluded with the same theme, that how you live life is your choice.  I was taught that you can choose to live a joyous life from the heart and strive to “look up” and “look on the bright side” to guide you through your daily journey or you can allow the muddiness of life take over.  This is why I have chosen to live life through my heart and not allow the day-to-day worldly life take over.  

I know some may say this way of living is too simple or silly and that I may not understand their challenges.  I agree, that I will never be able to walk in someone else’s footsteps, but I have learn from my own life experiences, that by choosing to “look up” and trust my heart I have been living a joyful journey beyond my imagination.  It’s a choice. 

And I thank my very special mentors and friends for sharing their wisdom on aging which has been a joyous treasure of life for me.