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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Hostess Gift and Saying Thank You

When someone opens their home to you and shares their personal side of themselves with you, it is special. Not only is that person inviting you "in," they are giving you their time and full attention.   That's why one should always arrive with a hostess gift as a simple gesture of thanks.

Your gift does not have to be costly or elaborate, but it should be genuine and from the heart.  It should signify "kindness and thanks" in appreciation for sharing a special time together or for a special gathering. 

Technology occupies every aspect of our lives these days but instant gratification of cyber connection and interaction cannot be compared to in-person relationships. They take care and maintenance -- and being thankful is a huge part of why those person-to-person relationships work -- and last.  

Thank you. These two words are so easy to say. They uplift the giver and the receiver's soul.  Use them often.

A handwritten note accompanied with a keepsake gift such as a candle, flowers or a plant, handmade craft, or a delicate food treat are the perfect way to express thank you to a friend, family member or a colleague.  

Give the gift of  "thanks" to those who share a personal time and space for you for it is truly a gifted moment.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Simple Pleasures and the Five Senses

Fall foliage is gorgeous. A treat for your five senses! 
It's a great time to get outside and refill your soul. 
Explore, connect with nature and acknowledge being human. 
Enjoy life's simple pleasures and hit 'refresh' often!