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Friday, January 29, 2016

What is Love?

Today I write about love. I often think about the widely asked question, “What is love? Is it the feeling we get from sharing an experience with someone special, a family member of friend? Or is it something greater from within one’s soul that gives a sense of peace and confidence of hope? Or is it a comfort of joy wrapped around us like a warm blanket?

I found myself pondering this question in the garden where I often gain inspiration for my writings. The garden, for me, reflects the various facets of life, which many refer to as the seasons of life. And like the garden now, I am living in the winter months-- a time of quietness and inward slumber. Everything is resting to prepare for the burst of spring followed by a stretch of uncertainties brought on by the heat of the long summer days. Then,  a deep breathe and a slowing-down welcome in the cool autumn breeze and shorter days to once again retrace the cycle.

For many who live in a neutral 
climate, my winter season does not always give the rest that others may have in different regions of the country. For instance, the last two winters our weather has been unseasonably warm. And, much like our garden, we never really had the chance to rest and reflect upon the year’s activities. So for me, this winter, has been such a gift with cooler weather, gray skies, and yes, some wonderful rain.  This year I have had time to clean out some areas of the garden and refresh the plants for the next season. It has been a time to regenerate the soul, to prune the branches of old thoughts and to welcome in a season of newness and hope.  

So as I continued to walk through the winter garden, I reminded myself that my heart’s desire was to create a garden that would be filled with gifted moments of nature to reflect God’s love for us. Like the different seasons in the garden, the seasons of our lives are gifted bouquets of tears, much laughter and great joy.  I now realize more and more that through God’s Love for us, He created these flowers, bushes, trees and birds to surround us all the time, for our enjoyment. 

 And as I have and will continue to spend many hours walking through the garden and through the many different seasons of life, I am always in awe of God’s endless and forever love—and I realize that this Love is for us, to help guide us through our journey of life. And although  our growth in our faith may be slow in  understanding this Amazing Love, I am continually reminded that God's love is abundantly there for us always. I am reminded that this sacred Love will grow and flourish as we allow the garden of our hearts to be pruned of the old ways as we  make room for regeneration of life throughout all seasons. As I finish my walk for today, I come to a peaceful conclusion to this on-going question of “ What is love? ” As I rest on my thoughts, I am thankful for the understanding that “love” is simply the greatest gift from God.
God’s Love Endures Forever…