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Friday, April 13, 2018

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Take time during the rains of April to rinse off the past. 
Prepare to welcome in the rebirth of spring and new blooms of ideas.  
Be free. Open new creative paths for yourself.

Take a cooking class
Sign up for a hike
Go to a museum
Take an art class
Volunteer in your community

Set up a quiet break to sketch out your dreams, plant new ideas then make way for growth in the new season!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Start Your Life of Creative Adventure!

It is always interesting to read about entrepreneurs and what leads them to pursue their talents and create their own inspirational businesses. I love reading about growing one's passion and talent into a business...or simply turning a hobby or activity that you enjoy into something to share with others. It is so satisfying to share what works for you with others. After all, this is our only life of creative adventure. You have permission! 

In the process of discovering one’s own talents or interests, many of us begin with a list of things we enjoy doing. Often our list of goals and things we like to do are launched and relaunched at the beginning of each year in the form of new year’s resolutions.  I especially like to create to-do lists for projects for home and work that sometimes become a “thinking list” of new ideas and thoughts. 

Yet often during the process of list making, we create a box of restrictions around ourselves in the shape of boundaries, perfections and expectations.  This can take away from the freedom of trying something new, trusting our hearts to explore a dream or even taking the risk of creating something that could blossom into something of beauty.  We often stop ourselves from choosing to live our dreams before we even try a step forward.  As one entrepreneur shared with me, “If you have a good idea don’t wait, just jump in and begin to swim and discover your talents!” Another successful business mentor told me,  “If you follow your heartfelt dreams, everything will grow in your “own” life….and your “own” journey.”

I know there is so much “other” in our everyday: things we must do, responsibilities, and our own self-imposed expectations.  Make  time to open up your box and explore with freedom. Develop your talents and interests and see where the journey will take you.