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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rest in Labor

After spending the day working in the garden on a cool Saturday morning and feeling a little tired and sore,  I felt a great sense of  joyous accomplishment, as I surveyed my labor.  

As I was finishing up the last area of my garden to-do list, the saying  "rest in labor" came to my mind.  As I put my garden tools away and cleaned up from the day, I kept hearing "rest in labor" go through my mind.  
With everything put away, I took a quiet walk through the garden, a gentle cool afternoon breeze at my back. I sat for a moment. "This is what 'rest in labor' means," I thought. As I was taking in the moment, I began to feel a peace and a restful refill of my soul.

What a wonderful way to end a glorious day in the garden by "resting in one's labor. " Enjoy the gifted moment of the present.