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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why I Teach Art

Why teach art? Why teach creativity? Why be creative?

We all have different needs. We come from different pasts and live with different stories and experiences. When I teach Art from the Heart to people, my goal is to teach my students to get out of their "mind thoughts" and experience things again through their Heart senses. I give my students an opportunity to rediscover themselves through what they see and feel--through their heart. Art through the Heart opens one’s soul to the rediscovery of themselves through love and through the senses.

Most people today have stopped seeing what is around them. They are so busy rushing through the day to get ready for the next day that they forget to stop and take in the moment. Slowing down and creating art is not only cathartic for my students, it is cathartic for me. 

I'm sharing this video from Fast Company about Pamela Bell, Co-founder of Kate Spade and Founder of Prinkshop who teaches an art class for homeless addicts. As much as she is changing their lives, she says she gets more joy from teaching this class than she does from anything else. This video is such an affirmation of why I teach art. Art truly is a healing release for all.