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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sowing Seeds

This weekend in my garden, I found myself welcoming in the burst of spring. The birds and butterflies danced through the flowers and trees, while taking a break, here and there, for some nutriment from seasonal delights.  As I worked my way through the garden – pruning, feeding, spraying and cleaning out some of the beds – during each stop at a different section of the garden, I found myself thinking about the phrase, “sowing seeds.” I was preparing a garden bed for some new small plants—plants that I would feed, water and nurture to help them blossom and flourish to their greatest capacity. I thought about how the phrase is used with so many contexts in our lives, from gardening, of course, to biblical scriptures, business investing and ways to describe human interaction with marriage, family and friends.

As I continued to work my way through my garden chores feeling a little thirsty from the physical exercise of trimming, I started to think that this simple sounding phrase of sowing seeds is really about all aspects of life.  I realized that when one is sowing seeds, one must be willing to have patience, which we learn from the seasons of the garden and nature’s way—nothing is the same and the weather is often unpredictable.

We must be willing to trust our instinct and believe in what we are doing.  Whether it is in a relationship, a job or a hobby, we must be willing to spend the time to nurture and grow that relationship or idea with love and compassion in order to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. And like the seasons of the garden, we must be willing to have peace in understanding that our lives, ideas and situations are always changing.

So as I dusted off the dirt, which I usually find myself in from head to toe after a day in garden, I looked around with such joy and a thankful heart for all that God has created for us to enjoy.

I realize that if we are willing to spend the time to sow seeds with patience, trust, peace, love and compassion, our journey through life will be a lot more bountiful and full of garden surprises…

Monday, May 1, 2017

Celebrate Womanhood!

It's a good month to celebrate being a woman. Think about and honor not only the mothers in your life, but take a moment to honor all of their daughters this month, too. 

Being a woman is recognizing your strengths.
Being a woman is recognizing your weaknesses. 

Being a woman is being human with all the necessary complexities.
Being a woman means being strong.

Being a woman means being a dreamer.
Being a woman means being an achiever.

Being a woman means being a giver. 
Being a woman means diving deeper. 

Being a woman means resilience.
Being a woman means brilliance.

Being a woman means not letting anyone else define you but you. 

May all celebrate the sacred gift of being a woman.