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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Welcome in the New Beginnings of the Harvest Season

Just when I thought the summer season of gardening was over, we were given an extra blast of record breaking heat! What a reminder for us all, that just when you think you are finished, you never really are. There is always something to do.

At the end of each summer season, I often share with my gardener and family, "We made it, we survived another summer of combating some of the mother nature’s challenges!"  Every summer, I'm thrilled by the joys of greater sunlight and longer days but they go hand-in-hand with a lot of extra time in the garden, just to stay ahead.  There's a lesson in there somewhere: Summer gardening is like getting through another season of life. 

Plenty of times in my life, work has felt endless, but the garden reminds me to stop and count my blessings. How much true joy has this garden brought me over the years? It's immeasurable -- just like the joy reflecting on cherished memories spent with family and friends throughout the years.

The summer season opens up a perspective in one’s heart to be able to withstand new challenges. Are we willing to work in the garden day-to-day with an open heart or does it become a drudgery? Are we so busy keeping our heads down, focusing on the weeds of life, or are we taking a moment to smell the many gracious fragrances?  

At times, life-- like garden work --may feel a bit too much, yet, when are faced with a challenge, I've learned that a little extra work with a loving heart will strengthen us to grow. Enjoy each glorious season of endearment that can rekindle the soul and spirit!

This month, let go of any doubts or confusion and welcome in the harvest.  There is much to nurture. The joy and loving relationships with family and friends prepare our landscape of life for the next season.