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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

How to Create Inspirational Space in Your Home or Workplace

“Draw on your creativity” by setting your personal space up to allow for creative flow and inspiration. If you think you are not creative, think again! When you give yourself time for creativity, you discover a whole new way of looking—and thinking.  Creativity boosts critical thinking!

- Have a sketching pad when you sit down to watch TV.

- Have a sewing or a knitting bag nearby.

- Create an “idea lab” with some of your favorite magazines, books, photos or websites.

- Set aside a shelf for keepsakes like shells and stones collected on a beach walk, trinkets from globe-trotting travels, or leaves from an autumn hike. You’ll be amazed at how seeing these things every day will trigger your senses and your memory.

- Take a class to refresh your talents, learn new crafts and enhance your day-to day.

How do you give yourself a creative break? I’d love to hear from you!