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Friday, September 15, 2017

Where will this season take you?

I am reminded of Hans Christian Andersen's The Ugly Duckling, when a swan egg accidentally rolls into a duck's nest. Fate unfolds unfortunately for the duckling who feels ostracized then faces hardship and solitude. When Spring arrives, he throws himself in with a flock of swans, expecting to be attacked, but when he sees his reflection, he realizes he is one of them.

The swan always reminds me that personal transformation for the better is always possible!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Embrace Change

Why do we avoid change?

So often we look at change as negative.  Yes, change is not always a choice; it may be a loss, or something we had not anticipated to take place in our lives.  How much my life has changed this last year and, even more recently, these last several months! And though some of the changes seemed to be ever so difficult, many of the changes have really helped me to grow, learn and stretch myself in new directions.

The more I welcome and embrace change as a gift of opportunity, I find I actually think differently. Change simply means not getting “stuck” in the routine.

Every six months, I like to do a self-assessment to make sure that I am tuned into the changes that are happening around me so that I am still reaching and growing. It’s a lot like pruning and cleaning a garden to keep it fresh and healthy through the seasons. During a process of change, take a moment to be quiet and listen.  You’ll start to enjoy the new precisely because it is different! 

As we begin to welcome in the cooler air and rich colors of the autumn season, I encourage all of us to embrace the many changes ahead as a positive experience of “newness”—a refresh and refill for one’s soul.