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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Let Your Imagination Grow

Early one morning this week, I arose to the sight of a prism of colors, reflected on a wall in my line of sight. It was a most magnificent way to be stirred! I had to figure out the source of this most beautiful display of light. I creeped out of bed and went to check for reflections, and sure enough, the light was bouncing off the mirror, from outside. I pulled back the curtains and cracked open the french doors just enough to see it - a boundless double rainbow -- and first thing in the morning!
This could mean nothing but a day full of good luck. I realized just how boundless my imagination was with this auspicious sighting. I doubled back for my phone, knowing that I had to catch it and share not only it's proof, but its message.
Rainbows always rest between rain and sun, they are a fine slice -- a happy place.
Now that I knew it was going to be a good day, I started to think of all of things I would be sure to do to make it an exceptional day. My imagination and creativity were peeked.

Why don't we give ourselves the same permission for optimism every day, regardless of an early-morning rainbow?