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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Welcoming in the New Year

Welcoming in the somber peace of a chilly January morning refreshes one’s soul for the New Year. Sitting quietly with a cup of tea, a few of my favorite magazines by my side, is a chance to truly give myself permission to “just be”, now that the busyness of the holidays is behind us! 

To sit quietly with no noise, no movement and no electronic distractions is to enjoy the pureness of the moment, to hear my thoughts and reflect.  As I welcome in peace, I feel its warm blanket drape around me. I bask in the stillness, reflect upon the past, live in the present and welcome in the birth of a new season. 

Take time to just be. No noise. No scheduled activities. No deadlines. Steal some time for you to feel the quiet as it refreshes and refills one’s soul in preparation for the New Year.